mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017

Part 1 - Helping Friend

I was playing videogame at my house with my best friend, when suddently the bell rang. It was my professor!

'Wooa Dude! Mister Jameson is here!' I almost screamed getting away from the door!
'What could he wants?' he said in a careless tone.
'Dude this is a disaster! I havent' been to school all this week and if he talks with my parents I'll be grounded for years!'

'Mmmh..." he said "who you want me to be?" 
'My dad is sleeping in the other room, my mom isn't home. Please dude, be her!'
'You want me to be your mummy? That's gross!"
Ok ok dumbass, just wait"he said and then closed his eyes.
I saw his masculine form shifing into my mum's.
She smiled and said 'Hi honey'.
I have seen him change a lot of time, but I could never get used to it.
'What the fuck' I wishpered.
'Honey don't say such words, or I'll have to ground you!" My mom said.
The bell rang again.
'Who could it be?' Said my mum and then winked at me. 

She opened the door revealing my professor.
'Hi Mrs Davis, sorry to bother you." He said
'No bother at all Professor Jameson, What's happened?" She said faking concern. Fuck! He was great.
'Hi just passed by go see how Steve was. He hasn't been to school this week' he said.
'Aw, that's so kind of you Professor, he had a bad flue. I hope he'll be back soon!'. answer my mom
"Ok Mrs Davis, have a nice day"
"Thank you very much Professor. These days you can never know if someone is skipping school! But not my kid!" She answered smiling and closed the door.

'DUUUUUUUDE! You were amazing!" I said.
She winked at me.
'You could have totally fooled me too" 
In that very moment my dad entered the room in his underwear.
'Who was at the door, honey?' He asked to my friend who looked like my mum.
She smiled kindly.

'No one, dear. Just a neightbour'. 
'Ok babe, gonna get dressed, I'm late for work' he said and went in the other room.

'Cool Clay, now change back, we have to finish to play!'
'I have a better idea' She said maliciously and followed my dad.
'Honey, when will you come back from work?' She said perfectly mimicking my mother's tone.
'I'll be back tomorrow morning sweetie". 
'Oooh to bad." She said and came back.
'Have you heard moron? He won't come back until tomorrow!" she said using his real voice. It was sooo weird listening to my mom speaking with my friend's voice.
'So what?'
'So we are going to have your house for ourselves!"

'Honey!" I heard my dad calling from the other room
'yes dear?" Clay answered
' Hi just remembered, didn't u have a meeting out of city tonight? Do you want me to stay with Steve?'
' Oh honey, I forgot to tell you. It has been cancelled. I'll remain home with our son' He said smiling at me...

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